Can’t Wait Till November – News From TurnKey Travel

I have some key info that I didn’t want you to miss!

  1. Exclusive group pricing for Danube River Cruise with AMA Waterways, Aug/Sep 2020 – Deposits due by Oct. 31st
  2. Palace Resorts contest end Oct. 31st – Have you entered?
  3. Cannabis Act is in effect Oct. 17 – How that impacts travel

New to river cruising? Or want to sail the Danube?

Don’t miss this exclusive group pricing with AMA Waterways!

This opportunity has just firmed up this week! I have a group planning a 7-night Danube river cruise departing August 24, 2020 with AMA Waterways, an award winning, premier river cruise provider. I am extending this special offer to you & your friends/parents so you can all share in my exclusive group pricing!

AMA will be releasing their 2020 prices after Oct. 31st but when I reserve the group and pay deposits BEFORE Oct. 31st, the 2019 pricing will be locked in! Plus you get to enjoy the $300/pp group discount and other perks!

Although 2020 seems like it’s far away, better to book now with a deposit of only $500/pp, then risk price increases….so the more, the merrier!! Solo travellers welcome and beds can be 2 twins or 1 large Queen with various cabin categories. Ask for details.

For those new to river cruising, the Danube is the best ‘first-timer’ itinerary because you get to sample 5 countries, all from the comfort of your floating boutique hotel 🙂 You can add pre/post stays as well. I’m happy to chat with you to answer any questions!

Win a 4-night stay in Cancun from Palace Resorts! Hurry, ends Oct. 31st
(Click on photo below to enter contest)

The Cannabis Act will come into effect on October 17th. Although the legal age will be 19 to buy, possess or use cannabis (in Ontario), it is ILLEGAL to take cannabis across the Canadian border, whether you are leaving or coming to Canada. This applies to all countries, whether cannabis is legal there or not.
This prohibition applies even if you are authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes. A country can deny entry to a traveler if they have a criminal record.
If you are entering Canada and you have cannabis with you in any form, you must declare it to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Please consult or 1 800 O-Canada for details.

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Game of Thrones Tour - Iceland
Near Hengill Volcano. You will never know the sound of peace and quiet until you stand here. It was Glorious. This is also the site of Brienne and The Hound’s big fight in season 4 of Game of Thrones.

We all have a “Bucket List”.  I also have a “Do This Again Bucket List” – Iceland is on both!!
I was captivated with Iceland and am intent on returning, regretting that my first visit was way too short!! This is such a unique country and one of the most compelling places on Earth.



The Best Reasons To Take A Dog Hiking With You

Hiking has never been so much fun!

You can never have enough pine cones.

If you enjoy a good hike, you will love it more if you take your family fur-ever friend with you for company.  I have many memorable excursions due to the crazy antics of Sandy. She is a 80 lb lunatic wonder dog (breed unknown) with a personality that you can’t help but adore.

“Hey Sandy, would you like to go for a HIKE?” Her ears will perk up and her head tilts completely sideways before she starts her exuberant bouncy dance. She is all the reason in the world for me to get moving. I almost never come home without another “Sandy Story” to share.

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5 Great Reasons to Book A European River Cruise With AMA Waterways


We docked in Zell, Germany for an evening of wine tasting
European Rivers and Castles River Cruise

Many of my friends who follow me on Instagram / Facebook have seen we’ve been on a few really, fantastic vacations these last few years.  We are happy that they enjoyed the pictures we shared! Here is a highlight our latest excursion.

First, HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer FB: @JourneysWithJennifer,  Email: who is not only my sister but also our AMAZING travel agent. Her exceptional customer service goes above and beyond to ensure vacation plans go smooth and you can relax. Once again, Jennifer helped us with every detail from picking the right tour/destination to flights, hotels, connections and more! We love you Jennifer!!!!

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Introducing Beth, Out of Office

Hiking a section of the Bruce Trail – Dundas, Ontario

Have you ever had an “itchy right foot”?  I do, all the time!   

No diseases, silly!  This is just a superstition. One of those little old wives tale phrases that easily explain things without scientific backing.  An itchy right foot, simply put, means that you will be taking an unexpected trip or walk in unknown territory.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

Hello, my name is Beth and I love using the Out of Office notification.   Love my job and the people I work with (Just in case they read this). That really was true, but my real passion is taking to the great outdoors soaking up the sunshine, fresh air and exploring unfamiliar places.  In a past life, I must have been a worldly explorer – if you believe in that kind of thing.  Some say it’s the Canadian in me but (recently) I’ve discovered that many of our characteristics are, in our DNA and not necessarily based on where we live or how we grew up.  Quite literally, it’s in our blood.   Continue reading Introducing Beth, Out of Office