How Do You Decide Where to Vacation? Here Are 7 Game of Thrones Locations Filmed in Iceland You Can Visit

What lures you to your travel destination?

Maybe it is a simple get-away for some much-needed R&R in the sun to sip margaritas on an exotic beach. Possibly a yearning to explore the historic sites of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt or to stand in the Colosseum in Rome imagining the roar of the crowd at the ancient gladiator games or to wander around Machu Picchu high up in the mountains of Peru. Often, we are drawn to a location made famous in scene or setting of a major movie or popular TV series – the need to see something or a place with your own eyes.

Imagine you are Rocky running up the 68 steps leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the tune “Gonna Fly Now” ringing loud in your head. How about taking a “Day Off” to pose thoughtfully while gazing at paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago as Ferris Bueller did with Sloane and Cameron. Stop for lunch at Katz’s Deli in New York to say, “I’ll have what she’s having” over a deep conversation like Harry and Sally. How about a hike through Hanapepe Valley in Kauai Hawaii envisioning Spielberg’s Jurassic Park genetically reproduced dinosaurs thundering amongst the trees?

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

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Exploring The Land of Fire and Ice

I recently returned from an amazing week vacation in one of my favorite countries,  The Land of Fire and Ice. Iceland is like nowhere else on the planet, one simple photograph can be viewed as a NASA photo of Mars or the Moon, yet another photo will give the appearance of pure paradise. Whatever way you look at it, the sheer science of this island is fascinating from the geothermal activity of the many active and dormant volcanic landscapes, glaciers, ice caves and lava tunnels to many magnificent waterfalls, dramatic black sand beaches and natural mineral rich geothermal spas. Not to mention, this is one of the only places in the world where the tectonic plates are above sea level and you are able to stand one foot in Europe and the other in North America AT THE SAME TIME!

You simply can’t visit Iceland only once unless you plan a very long extended stay. Every season offers something different. The landscape is extraordinary in the summer the long days of nearly 24 hours of sunlight on a mesmerising green moss-covered lava field terrain provides plenty of time to meander through your day’s itinerary. In the winter during the shorter days of 4 to 6 hours of sunlight you will be awed by the beauty of mostly black and white scenery then astonished with the possibility of experiencing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights – a natural phenomenon lightshow that dances across the dark skies in bright pinks, greens, yellows and purples. During my recent stay, I was very lucky to have 4 chances to witness this and YES! Absolutely, every show was different and quite hypnotic.

Seeing is Believing!

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Can’t Wait Till November – News From TurnKey Travel

I have some key info that I didn’t want you to miss!

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Game of Thrones Tour - Iceland
Near Hengill Volcano. You will never know the sound of peace and quiet until you stand here. It was Glorious. This is also the site of Brienne and The Hound’s big fight in season 4 of Game of Thrones.

We all have a “Bucket List”.  I also have a “Do This Again Bucket List” – Iceland is on both!!
I was captivated with Iceland and am intent on returning, regretting that my first visit was way too short!! This is such a unique country and one of the most compelling places on Earth.



The Best Reasons To Take A Dog Hiking With You

Hiking has never been so much fun!

You can never have enough pine cones.

If you enjoy a good hike, you will love it more if you take your family fur-ever friend with you for company.  I have many memorable excursions due to the crazy antics of Sandy. She is a 80 lb lunatic wonder dog (breed unknown) with a personality that you can’t help but adore.

“Hey Sandy, would you like to go for a HIKE?” Her ears will perk up and her head tilts completely sideways before she starts her exuberant bouncy dance. She is all the reason in the world for me to get moving. I almost never come home without another “Sandy Story” to share.

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5 Great Reasons to Book A European River Cruise With AMA Waterways


We docked in Zell, Germany for an evening of wine tasting
European Rivers and Castles River Cruise

Many of my friends who follow me on Instagram / Facebook have seen we’ve been on a few really, fantastic vacations these last few years.  We are happy that they enjoyed the pictures we shared! Here is a highlight our latest excursion.

First, HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer FB: @JourneysWithJennifer,  Email: who is not only my sister but also our AMAZING travel agent. Her exceptional customer service goes above and beyond to ensure vacation plans go smooth and you can relax. Once again, Jennifer helped us with every detail from picking the right tour/destination to flights, hotels, connections and more! We love you Jennifer!!!!

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Introducing Beth, Out of Office

Hiking a section of the Bruce Trail – Dundas, Ontario

Have you ever had an “itchy right foot”?  I do, all the time!   

No diseases, silly!  This is just a superstition. One of those little old wives tale phrases that easily explain things without scientific backing.  An itchy right foot, simply put, means that you will be taking an unexpected trip or walk in unknown territory.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

Hello, my name is Beth and I love using the Out of Office notification.   Love my job and the people I work with (Just in case they read this). That really was true, but my real passion is taking to the great outdoors soaking up the sunshine, fresh air and exploring unfamiliar places.  In a past life, I must have been a worldly explorer – if you believe in that kind of thing.  Some say it’s the Canadian in me but (recently) I’ve discovered that many of our characteristics are, in our DNA and not necessarily based on where we live or how we grew up.  Quite literally, it’s in our blood.   Continue reading Introducing Beth, Out of Office