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Could You Use An Extended Vacation, Weekend Getaway or a Refreshing Hike on a Nearby Trail?

I enjoy  life beyond the cubicle and love inspiring my friends with my latest excursions.  Whether I am hiking the trails near me, enjoying a day trip, weekend getaway road trip, outback camping or cruising on an extended family vacation – I’ll always have  wonderful memories and photos of gorgeous views and stories of bucket list worthy sights to share.

Where would you rather be?

Gullfoss Waterfall – Iceland

Hello!! My name is Beth,  and I am addicted to  activating the “Out of Office” notification on my email!! 

I have a full-time job, am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and have 2  adorable grandchildren who I “steal” every chance I get.   My favourite past-time is escaping the everyday routines and making tracks outdoors, especially traveling the world, hiking the trails and weekend camping trips. 

Did you know?   There are 8760 hours in a year.  The average person spends three quarters of that time working, commuting, doing household chores and sleeping.   This is all important of course but, that leaves less than 2000 hours per year of “free time” –  if you’re lucky.  That is  basically equal to 83 days – right?   You do the math but of those 83 days, 52 of them are Saturday or Sunday.  

Thank you weekends!!

There is a big world out there to explore with so little time to see it!  Whether we need a low budget family getaway or more romantic, luxury vacation, we all deserve to enjoy the good old R & R.   Even just to get out of town for a few hours and enjoy some glorious fresh air.  

A little inspiration can get someone off the couch.

One of my personal experiences was a simple post on Facebook sharing with my friends a hike on a section of the Bruce Trail near my home, I included a few photos of the scenery.  Before I knew it old friends were commenting and asking “where was this” and if they could join me on my next hiking adventure.  They felt like they were missing out on a fabulous time and wanted to see for themselves.  When I start seeing their posts on similar excursions with their own families this made me happy because I had inspired them to make a change.

Grab a cooler, pack a few bottles of water, (or wine), a picnic lunch and voila!!  You are ready to explore!!  

Thank you for visiting.

Check back often to see where my next outing takes me!!

Beth, Out of Office